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I was born in Germany and my husband in Connecticut. I had a babysitter that was my mother's German Shepherd Dog when I was a toddler in Germany. My husband was an Army officer so while he was gone I kept myself busy with trying all the different activities such as: herding, agility, obedience and conformation. Most of our dogs know basic obedience it makes life easier on all involved. My husband, Reed, has always loved the dogs but lately he has had more time and is learning in leaps and bounds!

I owned many of the top conformation bloodlines in this country but when I met a judge/breeder named Jack Budd of Ponca Hill Kennels everything just fell into place. We three became fast friends -- we started co breeding and co owning many of the dogs you'll see on this website. When he died -- he left me his legacy. I had promised him I would carry on his kennel name. So, now my kennel name had grown to always show the great appreciation of my true friend, Jack Budd.

Poncahill-Tantara wishes to dedicate this website to a man of honesty and breeding insight, Jack. And of course to all his and my furry friends of the past who made it all possible. God Bless you and Thank you, Jack

Tippy and Flyer