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Candid Photos
"May I present Iron Mike."
Our Jackie Chan, Snake, Nikita, LaKota Litter
"I babysit for cookies"
"Hey couch potato...pass the remote. Westminster's on WRAL"
"I'll be obedient for a treat!"
Snake training Yvonne
Flash searching for his snowball in North Carolina
"One of us is going to Carolina"
"I can hear everything you're saying about me!"
It's a tough life!
"Okay, today's lesson is..."
Ch. Manny x Ch. Demi's Litter
"You guys are supposed to eat DOG food!"
Land Rover, Ch. Lone Ranger, Ch. Rhumba
Jill & Snake Fever enjoying
Christmas in New England
"It's mine. If you want it, come and get it."
"I told you I would!"
Britney... a New Champion
"One day I'll grow up to be a Champion!"
Britney as a baby
My protector
"This showing stuff is easy"
"Who are you calling a couch potato?"
"My new friend doesn't talk very much"
"Ooops. We were just playing...honest"
"Hey puppy...get lost. I was here first."
"Hey....who said I was a coat?"
"Listen Up!"
"I'm tired... are we there yet?""
Starting early
"Someday they'll make a pillow of me."
"You're not tired? Geez...there's a surprise...not!"
"So you're saving some for the rest of us, right?"
Snake Fever as a pup
Snake Fever at the National
"I never saw this white stuff in North Carolina"
Snake Fever in his home in New Hampshire
Another trip to the Vet
"I'll make you a deal... don't make me look bad and there's a cookie in it for you."
First day of school: Listen up kids!
Just chillin'
"Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie"
What's wrong with my ear?
Move 'em up, move 'em out rawhide!
Kitty, kitty, kitty
Can't see me
"I got the toy Ma"
"Pile on Reed!!!!"
"Time to go home"
Sisters Forever
"I know how to handle the heat"